Consider Life Insurance NOW

REASONS Why You Should Consider Life Insurance NOW
Coverage You Have May not be Enough!
It is recommended having 5-10 times your household earnings, but you may require even more depending on your situation.

The Younger and Healthier you are, the cheaper your Life Insurance!
Why not "lock in" lower rates now if you can? Waiting can be costly.
Individual Life Insurance is yours, not your Employers!
Often life insurance with your employer is tied to your continued employment with that company and it may not be enough. If you change jobs or retire, you may have to obtain your own coverage.
Stay at Home Spouses, still need Insurance!
The cost of replacing all of the things a stay-at-home spouse does for family (i.e., childcare, cleaning, cooking, driving, etc.) is much higher than you think. In a 2010 study, the benchmark for the salary of a stay-at-home spouse based on replacing the value of all you do was over $118k a year!

Things Change!
If the last time you reviewed your family's life insurance coverage was more than 2 years ago, you may be under-protectedor have protection for something you no longer need. Increases in salary, increases in debt and added responsibilities mean you may need more coverage.

Even if You Have No Dependents, You can still Obtain Coverage! While many think that life insurance is for only those with dependents now, it makes sense to consider life coverage when you are single. Term rates may be lower than you think so why not lock in lower rates now if you can. Further, you may have a favorite niece, nephew, other family member or favorite charity that you want to leave something to.
Life is Unpredictable!
You never know when a bad thing will happen to good people. That is what Life insurance is for. Please don't leave your loved ones unprotected!

You Can Relax knowing that you've done something important for your family!

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